Support The Girls

Support The Girls

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The original Mumlecore filmmaker Andrew Bujalski offers up further proof of his skills as a refreshingly unpredictable writer and director with a film that features a standout performance from Regina Hall. Set in Double Whammies – your local neighbourhood answer to Hooters – Bujalski’s film covers twenty-four hours in the restaurant’s life. Beer is drunk, the bar staff are hit upon and it’s up to duty manager Lisa (Hall) to make sure that order is maintained. But that’s not easy when her staff each seem to be experiencing their own crisis and her boss Cubby (James Le Gros) is a class A douchebag. But through it all, what keeps the women sane is their sense of camaraderie. It’s location notwithstanding, Bujalski’s film avoids exploitation by being firmly on the women’s side. And Hall’s performance is a star-maker. Playing Lisa as a firebrand with those who cross her and a loyal friend to her staff, Hall is the reason ‘Support the Girls’ is so compelling ★★★★ "Regina Hall rules the screen in writer-director Andrew Bujalski’s likeable, offbeat contemporary reworking of the 9 to 5 template." - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian ★★★★ "Warm comedy-drama." - Wendy Ide, The Observer ★★★★ "A remarkably compassionate portrait of American womanhood that inspires hope without denying reality" - Clarisse Loughrey, The Independent ★★★★ "A scrappy but soulful delight." - Beth Webb, Empire
87 minutes
United States
Bulldog Films


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