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If you like your thrillers psycho and sexual, with more than a dose of Hitchcock and De Palma, François Ozon’s 17th film is definitely for you. Ozon started out his career with a series of dark and thrilling sexual fantasies. He returns to that terrain here, albeit with an added session of Freudian psychotherapy. Chloé (‘Jeune et jolie’s’ Marine Vacth) experiences stomach aches that her doctor feels are more psychological than physical, so he gives her the number of a therapist. But Paul soon announces that he cannot continue as he has feelings for Chloé. They move in together and all is fine, until one day Chloé spots Paul in a part of town that’s far from his office. But is it Paul? Or is Chloé seeing things? Ozon’s camera explores the outer limits of his subject’s fragile psyche, as well as going places that might make some blush. In doing so, he has fun playing with our perception of reality, whilst proving that any shade of grey will always be dull compared to the antics he comes up with. BBFC certified 18 - strong sex ★★★★ "Kinky, crazy and twice the fun" - Wendy Ide, The Observer ★★★★ "A playful and stylish pastiche of the Fatal Attraction-style potboiler" - Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent ★★★★ "Like the wildest Frasier episode they never made" - Robbie Collin, The Telegraph ★★★★ "Serious, sexy, a bit sadistic- it's an absolute hoot" - Kevin Maher, The Times
108 minutes
Drama, Romance, Thriller
Curzon Artificial Eye


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