Ken Loach’s films shine a light on injustice and exhibit a profoundly humane need to highlight the plight of the downtrodden. Over more than 50 years, he’s won a loyal following amongst audiences and critics, winning his second Palme d’Or for ‘I, Daniel Blake’ at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. To celebrate him, we’ve curated a collection of films that echo the spirit of Ken Loach’s wide-ranging filmography. His engagement with the past can be found in ‘Lore’ and Joseph Losey’s ‘King & Country’, as well as recent Oscar-nominee ‘Tangerines’. The plight of those under the yolk of fascism, such as ‘Land and Freedom’ and ‘Carla’s Song’ is echoed in the devastating ‘Timbuktu’ as well as in ‘Wadjda’. Loach’s empathy for his characters, often disadvantaged but always resilient, is present in ‘Gloria’ and ‘Las Acacias’, while ‘Sacro Gra’ and ‘London Road’ remind us that injustice should never be accepted. But alongside these important themes, films like ‘Looking for Eric’ revealed the rich vein of humour in the director’s work, represented here by the delightful and utterly British ‘Gregory’s Girl’.

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