Born in Buenos Aires, acclaimed Argentine filmmaker Pablo Trapero initially attracted acclaim with his riveting, Neorealist-inspired feature debut 'Crane World' (1999). His emergence coincided with the rise of the ‘Argentinian New Wave’ alongside Lucretia Martel ('The Holy Girl', 'The Headless Woman') and Lisandro Alonso ('Liverpool', 'Jauja'). His status as a filmmaker of world-renowned cinema was cemented with ‘Lion’s Den’ (2008), which was nominated for a Palme d’Or. He followed it with ’Carancho’ (2010) and ‘White Elephant’ (2012), ambitious projects that balance the attraction of genre – most notably the thriller – with powerful social criticism. ‘The Clan’, which won the Silver Lion for Best Director at Venice 2015, went onto break Box Office records on its opening weekend in Argentina. In the exploration of Argentine life, Trapero's films reveal a country divided, with characters limited in their ability to overcome larger forces at play. In exploring issues on an ever-growing canvas, Trapero skillfully enmeshes his social critique with penetrating character study and acerbic satire, yet never relinquishing hope in the ability of individuals to make a difference, no matter how small.

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