British cinema has never been so exciting. Gone are the days when audiences could only expect to see country houses or council estates in a British film. A new age of filmmakers, writers and actors around the country and from all walks of life have made British cinema more vibrant and diverse than it's ever been. Whether you're after a western that opens in the Scottish Highlands (from debut Scottish director John Maclean), a comedy set on the welsh border (directed by Jamie Adams and featuring Alice Lowe), a family drama located in the heart of the fens (from newcomer Martin Radich), an unsettling account of life in a 1960s girls' school (directed by Carol Morley and featuring Maisie Williams), or even a British-produced chiller set in a 1980s Iranian apartment block (from extraordinary debut director Babak Anvari), this new generation of filmmakers crosses genres and styles as they reveal the full spectrum of life in Britain...and beyond.

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