"These twelve films all have one thing in common: each is a film in which the filmmaker never fully disappears. And for me, this is what makes this eclectic mix exciting to share. You know that from the first frame of each film you’re in the hands of an artist with perspective and vision, and a deeply personal and expressive command of cinema. These movies succeed in making the argument that auteur cinema is alive and well in contemporary times – as should be the case – because what emerges are singular films with an extraordinary and resonant impact. For me, however, the best art films are not about the director – style doesn’t overwhelm the importance of content – but are movies in which our most human struggles are given deep respect and attention. These are art films because they teach us something about ourselves, through the powerful use of the medium. These are films which have become a part of my memory, and of life’s deepest experiences." - Ira Sachs

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