Fancy taking the ride of your life? What makes a good thriller? The fear of being immersed in an all-too-believable situation or a world that only exists in our nightmares? To celebrate the release of Cate Shortland's taut 'Berlin Syndrome', we have curated a selection of some of the finest thrillers. They include classics both old ('Lift to the Scaffold', featuring Jeanne Moreau and a timeless score by Miles Davis) and modern (Park Chan Wook's ('The Handmaiden') 'Old Boy'). There's something of the surreal in director Denis Villeneuve's ('Arrival') 'Enemy' and more than a pinch of the baroque in Nicolas Winding Refn's ('Drive') 'Only God Forgives'. Meanwhile, Jeremy Saulnier offers up terrifying visions of rural America in 'Blue Ruin' and 'Green Room'. And if perceptions of reality are warped in 'Disorder', 'The Gift' and 'The Girl on the Train', 'Stranger by the Lake' suggests that the cat isn't the only thing at risk when our curiosity is piqued. Finally, if you like your thrills in realtime, 'Victoria' takes you on a nighttime journey through the streets of Berlin – proving that 'chilling out' in the German capital can also have a sinister meaning.

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