The critically-acclaimed 'Daphne' has arrived on Curzon Home Cinema and to celebrate its release we've curated a collection of films that feature young female protagonists who are determined to forge their own path in life, even if it goes against what's expected of them. They range from teens in the US who refuse to abide by societal norms ('Ghost World', Diary of a Teenage Girl') and a young woman setting out on a journey across the American landscape (Michelle Williams in 'Wendy and Lucy'). From Turkey, 'Mustang' features five siblings battling a restrictive and oppressive household, while a young Mongolian girl boldly challenges the gender divide in 'The Eagle Huntress'. Two very different brave and rebellious women dominate the British films 'Fish Tank' and 'Lady Macbeth', while in 'Sonita' a young Afghan woman uses rapping to voice the precarious position she finds herself in. 'Rosetta' explores a teenage girl's economic plight laid bare, and a Japanese office worker finds her calling on America's open roads in 'Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter'. Finally, in the frenetic, fast-paced and real-time thrill ride 'Victoria', a Spanish traveller becomes embroiled in an overnight heist.

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