Chloë Sevigny

She was one of the most iconic faces of the 1990s, first thanks to her breakthrough role in 'Kids' (1995), her appearance in the music video for Sonic Youth’s ‘Sugar Kane’ and the seven-page article novelist Jay McInerney wrote about her for The New Yorker. Her screen debut in Larry Clark’s controversial portrait of disaffected youth came through a burgeoning friendship – later a relationship – with the film’s screenwriter Harmony Korine. She is the film’s heart and soul. Roles in 'Trees Lounge' (1996), 'Gummo' (1997) and 'The Last Days of Disco' (1998) cemented her reputation. She gave her most complex performance to date in 'Boys Don’t Cry' (1999), an exploration of gender identity that would be echoed in the 2012 TV drama 'Hit & Miss'. She steals one of the best scenes in 'American Psycho' (2000) and over the course of the subsequent decade proves her versatility. She makes 'The Brown Bunny' (2003) watchable – the dubious felatio scene notwithstanding. She is one of the wives in the smart, satirical 'Big Love' (2006-11), has featured in the acclaimed series 'Portlandia' (2013), 'The Mindy Project' (2013), 'American Horror Story' (2012-16) and 'Bloodline' (2015-16). She also re-teamed with 'The Last Days of Disco' star Kate Beckinsale and director Whit Stillman for 'Love & Friendship' (2016), an hilarious adaptation of Jane Austen’s posthumously published epistolary novel ‘Lady Susan’.

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